Double Digits

by Rachel on April 9, 2014

Parker at 10 months

Less than two months from now, we will be celebrating this baby’s first birthday. Mind-blowing. This has without a doubt been the fastest year of my life, and I fear they will only get faster from here on out. At least, that’s what everyone tells me.

At 10 months, it is becoming apparent that Parker is a very curious little boy. I love the way his brow furrows at novel sights and sounds; you can almost see the wheels turning inside his head as he tries to understand the world around him. He’s really starting to enjoy books, and will even flip the pages himself.

Baby reading books

The one thing that I wish Parker was more curious about is food. We are still having a tough time with that. I have just about given up trying to spoon-feed him, as he has been refusing purees since we first introduced them at 6 months. We did have a little bit of luck with yogurt last week, and by that I mean he took 6-8 bites without turning his head and making a “yucky” face.

Baby's first yogurt

I introduce (and re-introduce) new foods every day, so there’s not much else I can do besides continue to nurse — I’m lucky that is his main source of nutrients until he turns one!

Sleeping through the night is a regular thing around here these days, and it is GLORIOUS. I don’t dare complain about the early wake-ups, though an extra hour or so in the morning would be nice since I’m usually up so late getting work done. Naps aren’t quite so consistent, but we are working on them. It has been hard to get into a consistent schedule, because lately I’ve had lots of morning appointments and meetings that get in the way of naptime.

I’m looking forward to the rest of this month; it’s going to be relatively low key with no travel plans, work starting to wind down in some areas, and best of all, the weather getting nicer. A daily dose of fresh air makes a world of difference after spending so many months cooped up inside.


Swing Into Spring

by Rachel on April 3, 2014

On one of the few nice days we’ve had so far this spring, Parker and I took a walk to the park and tried out the swings for the first time ever. I had a feeling he would like it, and I was right!

Parker has loved the outdoors since the very beginning — as a newborn, carrying him outside was one of the quickest ways to calm him down. We try to do something outside every time it’s warm enough, which hasn’t been very often at all so far…but we will make up for it this summer. I have no doubt we’ll be spending LOTS of time at Grandma Betsy’s pool, the park, and biking/strolling the trails.

Parker and Ellie at the Park

Ellie and Parker have been stroller buddies since they were just a couple of months old. I met Ellie’s mom Jen at breastfeeding group 3 days after Ellie was born, and we sat next to each other each week until Jen went back to work. We started walking in Washington Park almost every weekend that it was nice out, and just recently were able to start going again. They are moving at the end of June, and we will miss them and our walks a lot :(

Weeks 41 and 42

This has been a REALLY great few weeks for Parker, and therefore, us too. Right after I publicly complained about his sleep on Facebook, he started sleeping through the night. And he’s kept that up ever since, which has been life-changing. And a well rested baby is a happy baby! It doesn’t surprise me that he is sleeping so many hours at night, because he literally doesn’t stop moving all day long. If he’s not crawling from one end of the house to the other, he’s doing this:

I call it the Ottoman 500. He is so proud of himself, toddling around the furniture without any help. Occasionally he will attempt to take a step without holding on to anything, but so far he hasn’t been successful. I really think it’s only a matter of weeks before he is walking unassisted. Look out, world!


Agent of the Year

by Rachel on March 30, 2014

AAA Agent of the Year

Back in 2007, Zach and I attended his first AAA awards banquet in Chicago. Last weekend, we went to our EIGHTH banquet in a row, and for the fifth time, he received the “Agent of the Year” award. Pretty amazing, my husband.

Zach’s parents have been coming up with us for the last few years, and we usually spend the day in the city eating lunch, going shopping on Michigan Avenue, and then hanging out at the hotel before the banquet. This year it was a little too cold to be outside with Parker along for the ride, so Libby and I hung out at Watertower while Zach and Steve met up with some of Zach’s friends to watch basketball games.

After we got to the hotel, we got ready for the banquet and then kissed Parker goodbye — he stayed with Grandma Libby in their hotel room while we had a date night at the banquet! It was so much fun. The entertainment was dueling pianos, which was a fun change from the comedian they usually have, and then we stayed out with our AAA friends for a little while after the event ended.

I love our nights in as a family, but it was a nice treat to have an adult night out. The next step will be having Parker sleep over at one of the grandparents’ houses…I still have yet to spent a night away from him!


The Long March Out of Winter

by Rachel on March 25, 2014

39 Weeks In and Out

As of this month, Parker has been an outside baby for longer than he was on the inside. And even though my pregnancy seemed to fly by, I still find that hard to believe. How did that big boy ever fit in my belly?

Parker in March 2014

Parker is actually still on the little side for his age. At his 9-month wellness visit a few weeks ago, he weighed in at a little over 16 pounds; that’s 5% for weight. But he’s 66% for height (go figure) so maybe at some point he’ll even out. He’s still nursing full-time, and I’m continuing to introduce new foods with hope that he will eventually come around to eating them.

Parker at Weeks 39 and 40

March has been super weird, weather-wise. We went to Marco Island at the beginning of the month and ended up cutting our trip a day short, since a huge snow storm was expected in the Midwest and we didn’t want to get stranded trying to come home. It didn’t end up being nearly as bad as predicted, luckily, but it was a bummer having to spend one less day in Florida.

Then there were a few days that felt more like early summer, which we took advantage of by getting some fresh air. The St. Patrick’s day parade fell on one of those days, and we ended up walking in it. Parker had a blast!

St. Patty's Day Parade

Today I woke up to snow on the ground, which honestly didn’t even faze me at this point. Longest. Winter. Ever. But at least technically it’s spring now, and April is less than a week away. I foresee many stroller walks in our future. Get me out of this house! Otherwise I’ll be driven by boredom to keep taking selfies with Parker.

Parker and Mommy

Check out the black and white one…do you see what I see? Two teeth, both of which made their grand entrance within days of each other. Teething really is as bad as they say it is. But we made it through those rough few days (and sleepless nights), though I’m not looking forward to the next round.


Where Did My Tiny Baby Go?

March 6, 2014

I spend my days chasing after a crawling, standing, wannabe-walking baby boy who is becoming less and less of a baby every week. The bigger he gets, the more I try to savor his infancy while it lasts. Things like wearing him in the Ergo when we go out, holding him in my arms just […]

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My Funny Valentine

March 5, 2014

Zach and I have never been big on Valentine’s Day, so I wasn’t expecting any sappy gifts this year. But he totally surprised me with something WAY better than chocolate or flowers: adorable Valentine’s photos of Parker. I found them waiting for me on his dresser, which completely made my day. SHOCKINGLY, we got another […]

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{Parker Weekly} 34 Weeks Old

February 9, 2014

Parker turned 8 months old this week, making this his “golden month” birthday. Guess how we celebrated!? By going out on our first dinner date since August! Parker got to spend a couple hours with Grandma Libby, so he was a happy camper too :) That was definitely the highlight of our week, because otherwise […]

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Mobile Baby

February 7, 2014

Parker is officially crawling. The first time it happened was Wednesday afternoon; my mom and I were watching him play on the rug when suddenly he took off. I tried to capture it on video then, but was too slow and then I had to go to work. I took this video the next morning, […]

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{Parker Weekly} 33 Weeks Old

February 4, 2014

We kicked off the week with a quick day trip to St. Louis, where we celebrated cousin Ellie’s 1st birthday. Parker took his second ever dip in the pool — the theme of the party was “Polar Plunge” though the temperature inside was nice and warm — and then he had fun playing with the […]

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{Parker Weekly} 32 Weeks Old

January 30, 2014

This is quite possibly my favorite age yet. Parker is still an infant — he’s little and needy and still nursing often — but he’s also showing some signs of becoming a “big boy”. And as bittersweet as it is to watch my baby grow up before my eyes, it’s also pretty awesome. He’s so […]

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